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In Clearfield, Utah, gum recontouring is a comfortable, quick dental treatment. Our skilled dentist, Dr. Anderson, is pleased to utilize the WaterLase® dental laser to perform gum recontouring. Gum recontouring is a cosmetic dental treatment that involves removing excessive gum tissue. Excessive gum tissue can cover more of the tooth than you would like for optimal aesthetics; this condition is sometimes referred to as a “gummy smile.” We often perform gum recontouring if you have excessive gum tissue after braces or due to a medication. In addition, gum recontouring may be required in order to place a dental crown or other dental restoration.

Using the WaterLase dental laser, Dr. Anderson will remove the excess gum tissue to reveal a new, beautiful smile. Laser dentistry is virtually painless – in fact, some patients do not need any type of anesthetic. Dental lasers also allow our dentist to perform your gum recontouring treatment in a shorter period of time with exceptional precision. Thanks to laser dentistry, bleeding is minimal and your recovery time will be shorter. We invite you to contact us at Anderson Family Dentistry today to learn more about gum recontouring and the advantages of laser dentistry. We are eager to care for your smile!

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