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Have you noticed your teeth becoming yellowed or discolored over time? As they age, many people experience tooth discoloration and staining due to various factors, such as:

  • Tobacco use
  • Medication
  • Consumption of certain foods and drinks, such as tea, wine, coffee, and soda
  • Illness
  • Fluorosis
  • The natural aging process

Dr. Anderson, our experienced dentist, offers professional teeth whitening in Clearfield, Utah to help you whiten and brighten your smile. Our teeth whitening services are both effective and safe – there is no need to worry about damaging your tooth enamel through whitening. Professional teeth whitening can give you a more radiant, inviting smile that boosts your self-esteem. If you have ever tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products or systems, you have likely experienced the disappointment and frustration of minimal results. Our professional teeth whitening services give you real, noticeable results that can last several years. You may require whitening touch-ups in the future, especially if you smoke or drink coffee, wine, or tea. If you would like to learn more about our professional teeth whitening services, we invite you to call or visit us at Anderson Family Dentistry soon. We look forward to enhancing your smile!


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