Tooth sensitivity often manifests itself as pain when your teeth come in contact with hot or cold air, liquids or foods. Extremely sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking very uncomfortable. If you experience extreme tooth sensitivity, you may wish to consider desensitization treatment. Our talented dentist, Dr. Robert D. Anderson, and our team offer desensitization treatment in Clearfield, Utah, to help you live free from the discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity may be caused by several different factors. Dr. Anderson will thoroughly examine your smile to determine the cause of tooth sensitivity. Based on his findings, he will recommend a desensitization treatment. There are three main types of desensitization treatment:

  • Using a desensitizing toothpaste, which contains compounds that help to reduce sensitivity
  • Applying a fluoride gel or varnish, which strengthens the tooth enamel and reduces sensitivity
  • Using a plastic sealant to “seal” the sensitive tooth and minimize sensitivity

A desensitizing toothpaste is usually the first treatment recommendation, and it may require several uses before sensitivity is reduced. If the toothpaste does not effectively reduce sensitivity, Dr. Anderson will recommend one of the other types of treatment. If you experience extreme tooth sensitivity, please contact our team at Anderson Family Dentistry at 801-825-3424 today!

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